The Anfield Wrap launch free music night

THE ANFIELD WRAP – the award-winning podcast, radio show and website aimed mostly at Liverpool fans but featuring far more than just the footy – comes to the end of what has been a successful first season soon, ahead of a very short summer break. Not that the team will be resting as their plans for next season and a host of new ideas start to take shape.

The first Dovedale Social - at The Dovey, Penny Lane, LiverpoolMore will be revealed in the fullness of time but one of the first new announcements is for a music night, ‘The Dovedale Social’, to be held every Thursday in South Liverpool under The Anfield Wrap banner. Not literally – TAW haven’t had time to do banners despite the Reds having three trips south to Wembley for last season – but the night was dreamed up and organised by members of the TAW team and, like the podcast, will be free.

The Dovedale Social will be held at The Dovedale Towers on Penny Lane and each one will showcase one of the best bands “from Liverpool and beyond” alongside DJs and acoustic acts for a full night of music.

TAW’s John Gibbons, lead promoter of what we’ll all probably start referring to as ‘TDS’, explained what the thinking was behind the new nights: “With music venues in the city centre closing, and fewer places for bands to play, The Dovedale Social intends to create something that will be appreciated by both bands and music lovers alike. The Dovedale Social will bring original live music to the people, locating ourselves in the suburbs of the city.”

The very first Dovedale Social takes place on Thursday July 5th and the band chosen to launch the project is a band with a rapidly-growing following and very much in-demand, The Tea Street Band.  Loads more big local names are already lined up, some of which are being kept under wraps for now.

It’s free, it’s every Thursday (from next week) and it’s at the Dovey on Penny Lane.

Get on it!

Confirmed shows

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Twitter: @dovedalesocial

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The Dovedale Social. Thursday. The Dovedale Towers. Liverpool.